Professional large-scale production of amino resin
Monarch select Longfei chemicals, must reach the pinnacle of your career


Leading products of the company include: formaldehyde and synthetic resin. The annual output of 37% liquid formaldehyde is more than 80 thousand tons

Founded in 2005, Chuzhoushi Longfei Chemial Co., a private company with the registered capital of 10 million Yuan RMB. The company is situated in Xiangguan industrial park, Chahe town, Lai'an county, Anhui province. The company is close to 104 State Road, it is 30km from Nanjing, 260km from Zhangjiagang, about 8 hours distance from Beilun Port of Ningbo, Hefei, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan and other key cities, thus it is easy of access...


    We adhere to the operation philosophy of 'quality first, customer top' and the development objective of 'serve customers, win-win'.


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    Service call:+86-550-2363990
    Sales hotline:Headquarters of chuzhou, anhui: +86-550-2363968、2363392、2363988、2363989
                         Shanghai Office: +86-21-51047813 Zhangzhou Office: +86-596-8338001
                         Zhejiang Jinhua Office: +86-579-87883519 Huizhou Office: +86-572-2294978
                         Guiyang Office: +86-851-83852021 Chengdu Office: +86-13637032910

                         Jinan Office: Shi Jian long +86-13806407358
    Mobile: Ye Lin +86-18019825333 , Lin Yongcheng +86-18755023818
         Ding Xiaoxia +86-13965955222 , Lin Yi +86-15855020699

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